Sebastian Silas, M. Sc.


  • Seit 03/2022: Doktorand unter der Betreuung von Reinhard Kopiez und Daniel Müllensiefen and der Hochschule für Musik, Theater und Medien, Hannover
  • Seit 03/2022: Consultant im Projekt "Richard Wagner 3.0"
  • 03 - 06/2022: Research Assistant an der Goldsmiths, University of London
  • bis 2021: MSc in Computational Cognitive Neuroscience, Goldsmiths, University of London
  • bis 2020: BSc in Psychology with Cognitive Neuroscience, Goldsmiths, University of London
  • bis 2014: B. A. in Jazz Performance (Saxophone), Middlesex, University of London


  • Silas, S., Baker, D., & Müllensiefen, D. (2022). Changing the emotional-semantic perception of visual scenes with music: A large-scale investigation into the effects of audio branding. In prep.
  • Silas, S., Baker, D., Sachet, A., & Müllensiefen, D. (2022). Discovering emotional-semantic representations for sonic branding: A data-driven approach. In prep.
  • Silas, S., & Müllensiefen, D. (2022). Learning and remembering melodies: A computational investigation using the melodic recall paradigm. In prep.
  • Silas, S., Müllensiefen, D., & Kopiez, R. (2022). Singing Ability Assessment: Development and validation of an open-source testing environment for singing data. In prep.
  • Silas, S., Müllensiefen, D., Gelding, R., Frieler, K., & Harrison, P. M. C. (2022). The associations between music training, musical working memory, and visuospatial working memory: An opportunity for causal modeling. Music Perception, 39(4), 401–420.
  • Tsigeman, E., Silas, S., Frieler, K., Likhanov, M., Gelding, R., Kovas, Y., & Müllensiefen, D. (2022). The Jack and Jill adaptive working memory task: Construction, calibration and validation. PloS One, 17(1), e0262200.
  • Gelding, R. W., Harrison, P. M. C., Silas, S., Johnson, B. W., Thompson, W. F., & Müllensiefen, D. (2021). An efficient and adaptive test of auditory mental imagery. Psychological Research, 85(3), 1201–1220.

Stipendien und Preise

  • Stipendium des DAAD
  • Stipendium der Studienstiftung


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